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NHS England has been reconfiguring the Clinical Genomics services and seven Genomic Laboratory Hubs (GLHs) have been selected.

We were recently informed about the future provision of tests for patients with Primary Immune Disorders and the GLH at Cambridge University Hospitals has not been selected to be one of the future providers.

As a direct consequence of this decision by NHS England it is not possible to continue providing the GRID panel service.

Samples received for testing after Wednesday, 6th February 2019 will not be processed.

More information on the processing of samples already received will be provided to referring consultants in February 2019.

A further announcement by NHS England on the funding for diagnostic DNA-based tests is expected to follow in the near future; we hope this change to the service configuration does not jeopardise the quality of care for your patients with Primary Immune Disorders.


Platform validation has been completed (Jan2018).

Screen your patient with a comprehensive DNA based test for primary immune disorders just by sending a blood sample and a referral form.

Samples must be appropriately labelled and accompanied with a fully completed referral form.

All genetic testing requires consent. It is the responsibility of the referring clinician to ensure appropriate consent has been obtained. Where there is no indication of consent on a referral form the assumption is made that an appropriate health care professional has obtained informed consent prior to obtaining samples.

By submitting your patient’s sample for testing you are agreeing for variants identified to be anonymously submitted to publicly accessible databases and used in publications to improve the accuracy of future testing for patients with similar disorders.

Download the GRID leaflet here

The submission process is summarised in the following document:

How to submit a sample

Non-UK sites

For non-UK sites, contact us for approval prior to sending your samples.

Download here the non-UK sample request form.

UK sites

1. Check Which Patients?

2. Consent form

It is the responsibility of the referring clinician to ensure appropriate consent for genetic testing has been obtained.

3. Download and complete the Referral Form.

4. Send your sample with the Referral Form   to the following address:

East Anglian Medical Genetics Service, Genetics Laboratories, Box 143
ATC Level 6, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 0QQ United Kingdom